New features and improvements to Fiberplane
2 years ago
Our first changelog post of 2023 comes with some exciting announcements and improvements.

Open source

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We already have two exciting open source libraries and Those can be used independently from the Fiberplane Studio. Today we are open sourcing more of the Fiberplane ecosystem: first and foremost our Providers along with a Provider Development Kit (PDK).
Providers allow you to get any application and infrastructure data from your tools into the Studio. We’ve built some of the few first ones ourselves to integrate Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Loki—but there are far more metrics and logs data sources out there. Provider Development Kit now enables you to build any integration you like with a powerful API and memory-safe Rust tooling.
Read more in the blog post announcement and you can find all of the repos here:

Fixes and improvements

  • The data source view now provides more information when a data source is offline in the tooltip.
  • We provide now better validation and error messages for wrong provider queries in a cell.
  • We improved multi cell handling including copying & pasting, changing cell types and deleting multiple cells while skipping locked cells.
  • We improved the creation of notebooks from templates and offer now all created templates in the command bar with just one search
  • Fixed an issue where the loading indicator was flashing in and out from when switching between notebooks and templates by introducing throttle loading state
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from copying queries from your notebook and pasting them somewhere else.
  • Fixed the broken notebook overview page
  • Fixed the prototype pollution in JSON5 via parse method vulnerability by upgrading the JSON5 dependencies

2 years ago
Happy holidays!
We're working on some exciting new features in the new year, while in the meantime plugging away at some fixes and improvements.

Fiberplane + PagerDuty

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We’ve officially launched our PagerDuty integration! Using this integration you can start off and structure your investigation in a notebook directly from a PagerDuty incident, keeping everyone in the loop, and surfacing important updates.
Read more about the integration in our docs and the blog post announcement.

Fixes and improvements

  • Onboarding screen now provides a better guidance when selecting "Team" vs "Individual".
  • You can get to install instructions for Fiberplane CLI directly in the opening screen.
  • The background animations on the login screen have an improved performance.
  • The list of templates in the Studio now includes a template description.
  • "Run query" button now indicates a loading state more accurately.
  • Studio will now throw an error if you attempt to create more than 5 workspaces (current limit).
  • Studio now shows a more helpful error if no WASM support is detected.
  • Studio will now allow transferring workspace ownership and will show appropriate available menu options for each permissions level.
  • Fixed an issue where toggling a live mode would impact even a locked query.
  • Fixed an issue where closing a context menu would sometimes leave the notebook in an unrecoverable read-only mode.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented copying a notebook title copy to clipboard.
  • Fixed an issue where undo shortcut would reopen old tabs on some browsers.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented showing label suggestions in some cases.

2 years ago
We've been hard at work squashing bugs and improving Fiberplane experience since our public beta release two weeks ago! Here's the latest of what we've been up to:

Onboarding notebooks

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When you create your first workspace, you can now find an onboarding notebook with a couple of demo data sources added to you get a feel for what a more complete Fiberplane can do for you. Simply create a new workspace, open the “Getting started with data sources 🚀” notebook and try out a few queries!

Auth for data sources

We now support adding Prometheus, Loki, or Elasticsearch data sources even if they sit behind authentication (Basic and Bearer for Prometheus, Loki, API Key for Elasticsearch). Simply add a token: key and value to the data_sources.yaml configuration file.

Fixes and improvements

  • Code cells now have a "copy to clipboard" button.
  • When selected inside the code cell, they no longer copy the surrounding markdown backticks along with the content.
  • Queries now automatically run the first time a notebook is opened.
  • You can now remove members from the workspace settings page.
  • Accepting the workspace invite will no longer take you through the OAuth flow twice.
  • Fiberplane now applies the assigned role on member invite (used to always default to “Editor” despite the user preferences).
  • Signing out will now take you back to the login screen as opposed to leaving in a blank notebook.
  • Adding a data source with the same name will now throw an error as opposed to silently failing.
  • Duplicated notebook will now duplicate the added images as well.
  • Added better visual distinction between added direct vs added proxied data sources.

2 years ago
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We’re thrilled to announce that Fiberplane is now publicly available for everyone 🎉.
You can sign up with your Google Workspace or a personal Gmail account, create a workspace, and get started.
The Fiberplane in public beta got a fresh new look and feel, performance improvements, and some major new features:
  • Workspaces. Create specific workspaces for your team and yourself to keep your notebooks organized.
  • New onboarding, to help you get acquainted with Fiberplane features more easily.
  • Adding and displaying Events in a graph. You can use Events to denote important milestones and show impact of incidents, deploys, and releases.
  • Fiberplane now supports Prometheus and Grafana Loki hosted in Promscale and Grafana Cloud.
See the for the detailed announcements over the entire launch week of November 14 and check it out at

2 years ago
The latest release is mostly focused on behind the scenes preparations as we're preparing groundwork for new features coming soon - stay tuned!

New logs view

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The logs cell has gotten some significant updates in this release that should help you to find the relevant messages more easily. You can select which columns to show in the overall table to view only relevant values and drag to rearrange them. Once you find an interesting record you can click the small arrow on the left-hand side to view the log entry in an expanded view showing you more context.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fiberplane CLI: fp proxies list command will now show how many data sources have successfully connected, making it easier to spot any connectivity issues.
  • Links will now take you directly to the linked site when clicked.
  • Whenever there's a sync issue that can't be recovered, Fiberplane will now lockdown editing to prevent loss of work and provide you with options to download your work locally and report the issue.

2 years ago

Preview: Shell to Cell

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We are introducing a new way to send infrastructure data into your notebooks: Shell to Cell.
Shell to Cell allows you to:
  • send a specific command and its output to the notebook;
  • broadcast your shell session live to the notebook.
Shell to Cell works via the Fiberplane CLI (beta) commands: fp run and fp shell. It allows you to easily capture, from your shell sessions, find the relevant information in your shell output, and share and document it with your team.
Read more about how to get started with Shell to Cell here.

Interactive Fiberplane CLI

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Fiberplane CLI is now more interactive and easier to use. For commands that target a specific notebook or template, you don’t need to find and add the ID anymore. Simply run the command and the CLI will prompt you which notebook you want the command to be applied for. You can still specify the ID which is useful if you’re running fp in your shell scripts.

New mentions

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Mentions allow you to visually highlight and notify your colleagues in the notebook. In the latest release they got a visual makeover helping you distinguish your mentions from your colleagues'. Mentions will also now subtly indicate if the mentioned person is online in the notebook or not.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where cursor navigation would be blocked when context menu was open.
  • Fixed an issue where mention autocomplete would insert incorrect text.

2 years ago
This week we're rolling out two features that will help you tame the chaos and organize your notebooks better!
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You can now add labels to your notebooks to group and organize them. Labels can be simple tags (single words, like 'bug') or key-value pairs to distinguish important contextual information ('version:1.2.12').
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Better command menu search

This release also includes a major improvement to the command menu: you can now search and filter the notebooks by labels. Open the command menu with ⌘P / CTRL-P hit / to enter notebook search, then # to filter the list by labels.

Multi-cell selection

You can now finally select, copy, paste, and delete your content across multiple cells. The feature should work both with click-and-drag, as well as, shift-click workflows.

Keyboard shortcut overview

You can now find all of the shortcuts available to you in the notebook by accessing the keyboard shortcuts overview in the help menu.

New mentions

Mentions in notebooks got a few visual improvements: they now indicate if a mentioned teammate is in the notebook or not, distinguish your mention among others better, and show better autocomplete feedback.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Notebooks will now automatically detect links and apply the correct formatting. You can also now add links using the markdown syntax: [link annotation](
  • You can now select and copy text even in locked cells.
  • Fixed cursor animation bugs that would appear in code cells.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent further editing after a link formatting is added.
  • Templates are now listed in the order of creation date (newest at the top).
  • Improved cursor drag selection behavior for in-cell editing.

2 years ago
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Our June update introduces Templates - a major new feature in Fiberplane. Templates enable you to structure your workflow in the Notebooks and connect them with your other tools. You can define and replicate your notebook structure as well as add data dynamically through a Webhook POST request.
Check out our blog post and documentation for more details about how to get started with templates.

Help menu

We've improved our support experience with a new help menu! You can click the question mark icon at the bottom left of your screen to submit a bug or feature request, ask for help and find documentation.

Data sources connection status and new settings menu

Fiberplane will now clearly display if it has successfully connected with the Proxy, show which data sources are available, and allow you to connect the Notebook only to the available ones. You can also now navigate to the Proxy set up menu and relevant help documentation more easily.

Slack integration

Fiberplane Notebooks will now unfurl in Slack to provide details at quick glance like author, date of creation, participants. In order for it to work Fiberplane needs to be connected with your Slack workspace: simply paste your notebook link in Slack and follow the prompt instructions to connect them.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added a keyboard shortcut to lock cells: ⇧⌘L or SHIFT + CTRL + L.
  • Fixed an issue where content could still be added or modified on locked cells.
  • Fixed a sorting issue in the proxy settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue where hitting backspace would sometimes merge two cells.
  • Added motion animations for cells.
  • Improved command menu rendering speed by reducing enter, exit animation times and reducing unnecessary re-renders.
  • Added "Tab" key completion to the command menu for faster command experience.
  • Added header row to the logs output table.
  • Added tab indentation to the notebook (single-layer for now).
  • If you click on a notebook link and are taken to the login screen - Fiberplane will now redirect you to the notebook after you login.
  • Fixed an issue where the slash menu would appear in URLs as they are typed in.
  • Fixed an issue with the notebook time selector.

2 years ago
Since the start of the year we worked on a number of big updates at Fiberplane. Here's a preview of what's new!

Logs provider: Elasticsearch

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We released an early version of support for logs! You can now connnect your Elasticsearch service to Fiberplane and query your data directly in the Notebooks. We also now support multiple types of data sources in the notebook so you can have your Prometheus graphs and your Elasticsearch logs output in one place!
  1. Add an Elasticsearch provider in your data sources configuration configmap.yaml file: type: elasticsearch and url: <http://to-your-elastic-server> .
  1. Add a query cell through the / menu in the notebook.
  1. Type in and execute your query and a logs output cell will be generated!
The output cell currently shows first 30 matching results based on your query and the time range. We're working on adding filtering and graphing capabilities for the logs and would love to hear what you think! Share your thoughts in the #feedback channel in our new Discord server or email us at!

New editor experience

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We rebuilt our editor from the ground up!
The editor now has cleaner rich text styling which is accessible in the floating toolbar or through standard markdown conventions (e.g.: type # for headings and ** for bold markup).
Much of the editor update is behind the scenes which should offer an overall smoother writing experience with fewer bugs and work better with standard text editor keyboard conventions. It also enables to work on some exciting new features.
If you find any bugs with the new editor - send us a message at or in our in the #bug-reports channel in our Discord server! Stay tuned for multi-cell selection, undo/redo support, and enhanced real-time cursor presence in the near future!


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You can now @ your team members in notebooks! Mentions stand out visually in the notebook which should make it easier for you to scan and find task assignments or questions from your colleagues.
When you're mentioned, if you're in the notebook at the same time, you will get a toast notification. Clicking on the toast will take you to the place where you've been mentioned in the notebook.

The Fiberplane CLI (early preview)

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Developers, especially those operating infrastructure, live in the command line. We're glad to announce that we're rolling out an early preview of the Fiberplane CLI - fp.
Currently the main goal of Fiberplane CLI is to streamline your setup experience. You can use the fp to create and retrieve Proxy tokens, add them to your infrastructure deployments and start forwarding data to the Fiberplane Notebooks (see: the fiberplane/quickstart repo). It also opens new ways to interact with your Notebooks - stay tuned for more in this space!
You can download and get started using the fp CLI using this command:
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

🎨 Other improvements

  • If the Query cell is changed (e.g.: Prometheus to Elasticsearch) the linked output cell will also now reflect that change.
  • We made the notebook experience smoother, it will now re-render only the cells that are being edited as opposed to the entire view.
  • We made some changes to our WASM module size which should make the Studio load faster.

3 years ago
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🔏 Proxy service

You can now use the Fiberplane Proxy to securely relay your queries back and forth from the Studio. Install a Docker container inside your Kubernetes cluster and start querying your infrastructure data.
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⌨️ Command menu

After all, are you even a productivity startup if you don’t have one? Hit CTRL/⌘ K anywhere inside the app to create, navigate, and manage your notebooks.

💫 New

  • Rearrange cells. You can now move cells up and down your notebook by dragging them on the six dots 𐧻 on the left margin or hitting ALT/⌥ ↑/↓ .
  • Cell type: —dividers—. You can now add divider cells to your notebook to help you structure your notebook. Type --- in a new cell or search for a “divider” in the / menu.
  • Cell type: ```code block```. You can now add your code snippets to the notebook.
  • Duplicate notebooks. You can now duplicate a notebook through the command menu. When you’re in your notebook hit CTRL/⌘ K and find the “Duplicate the current Notebook” option.
  • Profile pictures. Add your face to the notebook! You can change your profile picture in the settings menu in the top right.
  • Notebook change indicator. Whenever someone on your team makes a change to the notebook, the favicon will show a red dot to indicate that new things were added.
  • Highlight text with ::highlight:: markup.

🎨 Improvements

  • Images can now be drag-and-drop’ed to a notebook cell.
  • Number list sequencing is now more flexible. You can start the list with any number and the sequencing will follow.
  • We’ve improved WebSocket handling so the real-time sync should now be more reliable.
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